Spotify lets you customize playlists from your phone

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There was a time when one of the ways we expressed our love for friends and significant others is by creating a mixed tape of their favorite songs or songs that remind you of them. But when tapes and CDs went “extinct”, playlists have become the new musical love letter. Spotify is one of the music streaming apps that lets you create your own playlists and now they’re giving you the ability to customize some of the features from your mobile device.

If what you want to give your loved ones this holiday season is something that will not cost you almost anything, a custom playlist is one of those that you can give. Now Spotify will allow you to upload custom covers from your mobile device and make some custom changes to these “homemade playlists” so the gift is even more personalized. This is apparently one of the most highly requested features but previously, it could only be done from your desktop.

After you’ve created your playlist, tap the three dots to bring up the menu and then tap “edit”. You can then change the image by uploading from your phone gallery or by taking a new photo. You can then change the title of the playlist as well and even the description underneath. After you’ve tapped done, you can now share the customized playlist to whomever you want to share it with.

Since we’re still in a pandemic and some are still on lockdown, physical gifts would be pretty hard to give. And with a lot of people experiencing loss of jobs and livelihood, we’ll probably see a lot of digital gifts that wouldn’t cost a thing but can still be personal and thoughtful. Creating a playlist is something you can spend time on to make someone feel special and now you can also include a more personalized cover photo if it’s just for a particular person.

This functionality is now available for Spotify apps on mobile. They will probably have more features rolling out in the next few weeks.

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