Spotify Launches Top and Trending Podcast Charts By Region

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Spotify has launched two new charts showing what top and trending podcasts users are listening to on the streaming service.

“Top Podcasts” and “Trending Podcasts,” which have been rolled out in 26 markets on Spotify mobile, show users the most popular podcasts in their region based on listener numbers.

Top Podcasts lists the top 200 overall shows in the selected region or category, while Trending Podcasts displays the top 50 rapidly rising shows.

Certain markets, including Brazil, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, the UK, and the U.S., offer up even more detailed data and separate out the Top Podcasts by category, allowing users to more easily find the genres they’re interested in.

Spotify users can find the new charts by tapping the Podcasts category in Search and selecting “Podcast charts.”

To coincide with the new feature, the service is also updating its Spotify for Podcasters experience. Creators will now get a notification on their dashboard when their podcast is charting, and they can then turn it into a visual card for sharing their success on social media.

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