Spotify Kids app (beta) expands to U.S, Canada, France

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Now that kids are back in the house and spending time consuming media (aside from studying), you might have to share your accounts with them and get your algorithm all mixed up. Last fall, Spotify launched in Ireland the stand-alone app Spotify Kids in beta, which eventually rolled out in other countries as well. Now they are launching it, still in beta version, in three new countries: Canada, France, and the U.S. This means, parents can let their kids listen to age-appropriate music, books, and educational materials on the kids’ own app.

Spotify Kids is an app with over 125 playlists that were curated specifically for young ones. They can listen to their favorite songs and soundtracks while at the same time, discover new kid-friendly content like audio storybooks, educational songs, etc. There are now more than 8,000 songs in their library and more audiobooks and stories including Disney Music Group Stories, fairytales, classics, short stories, etc. There are also now more lullabies to help kids sleep while listening to bedtime stories.

They’ve also made Spotify Kids more personal and customized, like giving parents more control over what the kids can and can’t listen to and also showing content that’s most popular based on location. And because kids still need to learn while at home, there are more educational musical content in the library with songs that teach math, science, language, etc. Because COVID-19 is in our minds, there’s a global playlist that will teach kids how to be more hygienic. Warning though, there’s a “Wash Your Hands With Baby Shark” in that playlist.

They also have new offerings exclusive for U.S. users only. Aside from the basic ones, they also have Spanish-language, Christian, Motown content and even soul dance party playlists. There are also pop culture-related playlists like from Trolls and Frozen. They will also be working with kid content creators like Disney Music Group, KIDZ BOP, and Nickelodeon to come up with more unique Spotify Kids content.

The Spotify Kids app is available only for Spotify Premium Family subscribers. Subscription starts at $14.99 per month for 2 users. There will be no additional charge for the Kids app. Aside from Canada, France, and the U.S, It’s currently available in Sweden, Denmark, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil and is still considered to be in beta.

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