Spotify introduces Your Daily Podcasts playlist for podcast discovery

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Spotify has been really beefing up its podcast feature even though they entered late into the game. But now they’re making up for lost time by introducing new features and making it more convenient for you to listen to your favorite ones and to discover new podcasts to listen to. Now they’re bringing users Your Daily Podcasts which is quite similar to the Discover Weekly and Daily Mix features that you enjoy for your music with a personalized playlist based on your algorithm.

Your Daily Podcasts is their “first daily personalized podcast playlist” that will keep you updated with your current favorite listens but at the same time mixes it up with new podcasts or episodes that the algorithm thinks you’ll be interested in. If you’ve listened to at least four podcasts the past 3 months, you will be able to find this personalized playlist in when you go to the “Your Top Podcasts” on your home screen or in the “Made For You” hub.

What the algorithm will do is to analyze the recent podcast streams you’ve played or the podcasts you’ve actually followed. It will then recommend episodes or shows that they think you will enjoy based on your podcast behavior. This can be the next sequential episode of something you’re already listening to or a recent episode that may be connected to your perceived interests, or a recent, timely episode of a daily podcast.

They will not recommend an episode that is out of sequence or that may spoil you. If it’s a sequential show that is more story-driven, you’ll get to listen to a trailer or the first episode of that podcast, if the algorithm says it’s something you may be interested in. Hopefully, the AI behind this feature will indeed be able to determine what your interests are and make accurate recommendations for your aural pleasure.

Your Daily Podcasts is available for both free and premium users in selected countries only, namely the U.S., U.K., Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand . We’re looking forward to what else Spotify will bring to the podcast table, among other things.

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