Spotify group sessions now possible on your Galaxy smartphone

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If you’re a Spotify user with a Galaxy smartphone or two, you might want to make sure you’re running the very latest version of the app. As the company now appears to be rolling out the group session feature more widely. While the functionality itself is a bit niche, it’s worth checking out if only for the novelty of hearing a seamless listening experience.

Namely, there aren’t that many apps out there that will manage to make a Samsung smartphone, Windows PC, Alexa speaker, and an iPad play together nicely. But that’s precisely what Spotify group sessions have been doing already. The feature works pretty much perfectly no matter what combination of devices you try to employ. It’s Internet/Wi-Fi-based, so that’s not a huge surprise – just a rarity. But multiplatform excellence is something Samsung, itself, has been known to pursue.

Not many app makers do multiplatform support as seamlessly as Spotify

Group sessions have been a beta feature in Spotify for at least a month by now. And while the streaming giant still hasn’t said anything officially, it now appears the functionality is making its way to non-beta subscribers, as well. Even if you aren’t seeing it on your end but someone else is, you should be able to join a listening session by simply scanning the code from the host.

Alternatively, the Android Spotify Beta always seems to be accepting new testers. So failing everything else, just join that one and proceed to downloading a newer version of the app.

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