Spotify, Google list quarantine streams and summer trends

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It’s Summer once again. In some parts of the world, it’s almost over but in the West, it’s only about to start. We highly doubt summer this year will be the same as before but there is always something to celebrate and actually do. We look forward to the time when we’ll get to hit the beach and the pool but for now, it’s best that we stay home. No musical festivals will be held this season. No more pool parties too but hey, you can always have a great time with your family at home.

Good thing there is the Internet and with it comes streaming services we can all enjoy from those smart speakers presented to us by Nest and Google. Most of the available smart speakers we know from Google–Google Home Max, Nest Hub Max, Nest Hub, and Nest Mini–can all be connected and cover the home.

If you’re on Spotify Premium, you can simply ask the Google Assistant to recommend new songs for you and play. The Google Assistant will refer to your past choices and then suggest new songs from artists and musicians you may like.

Things are already interesting for some but if you’re getting bored, check out the Quarantine streams. Google and Spotify notice that the top songs being played the past couple of months are related to relaxation and sleep. That’s not surprising since many people are anxious, stressed, and worried that the past few months due to the pandemic situation.

The Summer Listening Trends infographic lists that there is a 45% increase in user-generated, summer-related playlists on Spotify. Searches for “summertime songs” hit a 1,150% increase. Google Trends also reports searches for “songs that remind you of summer” went up by 1,000%.

The top listened to artists on Google devices are Drake, Lady Gaga, and The Weeknd. Top three songs are as follows: Blinding Lights (The Weeknd), ROCKSTAR (DaBaby, Roday Ricch), and Roses- Imanbek Remix (Imanbek, Saint Jhn). Top Spotify summer playlists are the following: Your Summer Rewind, Beach Vibes, and Summer Hits. Top countries that are streaming summer music on Google devices are Finland, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, and Norway.

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