Spotify Free now available on Amazon Echo, Fire TV devices

There are a lot of music streaming services out there already but their free tiers are not always available on all platforms or all devices. Paid users are always the lucky ones since you can probably play them anytime and anywhere. But some OEMs and developers are now changing their tune so to speak when it comes to giving users access to their free music. Take for example one of the most popular services out there: Spotify. The free tier of the music app can now be played on Alexa powered and Fire TV. devices.

This move from Spotify surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) follows the news that Amazon Music’s free ad-supported tier is now available on Android devices aside from the previous Echo devices only. YouTube Music also recently made the free version available for those who have Google Home speakers. Now it’s Spotify’s turn to expand the availability of Spotify Free to other devices. Alexa users will now be able to stream all the music that is in their free library to Echo smart speakers and other devices powered by its digital assistant.

For now, Spotify Free on Echo and Fire TV devices is only available in select territories: United States, Australia, and New Zealand. If you have your Alexa devices, all you have to is link your Spotify account through the Alexa app. You can also set up Spotify as the default music service on your smart speaker to make it easier for Alexa to understand your commands and questions related to the app.

Spotiy Free is also available in other devices like the Bose smart speakers and sound bars as well as the “smarter” Sonos speakers like Sonos Move. And of course you can listen to all the free music you want (with ads of course) through your desktop or your Android smartphone or tablet. But if you want to stream it through a better-sounding device, then now you have more choices with the addition of Alexa-powered ones.

Hopefully, Google Home speakers will also be next in line. Or just make Spotify Free available in all platforms and speakers. We’ll tell you once free tiers of the most popular music streaming app will be available elsewhere.

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