Spotify finally gives notifications for new episodes of followed podcasts

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If you’re a heavy Spotify user, it was a good day when they finally decided to add podcasts to their content on the platform. And while we finally get to enjoy our favorite podcasts and music on the same service, there was one important thing missing: How will you know if your favorite podcasts have new episodes? It was a pretty basic thing to have for a podcast platform but it’s been months and we still had to do it manually. Now finally, Spotify is bringing push notifications to podcasts.

If you’re listening to several podcasts regularly, it is crucial to know when a new episode is coming out and most podcast platforms have that built-in already. But when Spotify got into the podcasting game, somehow they didn’t have it and so it became a pain point for some users. But hey, as they say, better late than never and so we’re finally getting push notifications for the podcasts that you follow.

There’s no announcement but some users noticed that Spotify has enabled push notifications for new episodes. But first, you need to follow the podcast’s Spotify page first. It’s easy, just click the follow button. Then you can turn on the “get new episode notifications” feature and so when a new episode does come out, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone or tablet. It’s a simple feature but it’s very important.

A lot of the streaming platforms and big tech companies have added podcasts to their services lately. Amazon Music and sister company Audible have recently added podcasts to their content as well. Apple has its own Apple Podcasts separate from its Apple Music and Google is also a little late to the game but they’ve joined with Google Podcasts. So this is just a sign that podcasts are still huge and it looks like they’re here to stay.

It looks like you don’t need to update anything on the Spotify app just to be able to enable this feature. Just follow your favorite podcasts and get all the notifications you want or need.

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