Spotify brings top podcasts, trending podcasts charts

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Spotify is really serious in upping their podcast game. You’ve been seeing podcasts front and center alongside your music on the home page and they’ve been adding features to make podcast listening easier for their users. Now the music, and now podcast, streaming giant is bringing some charts featuring top podcasts and trending podcasts in selected territories. This is both for discovering new podcasts and also finding out what everybody else is listening to these days when people have more time to consume content like this.

The podcast charts are rolling out to 26 markets on Spotify mobile. You get to see which podcasts are climbing the charts in terms of the number of listeners as well as what are the most popular ones based on your region and recent listener numbers. This is a good way for you to catch up on what everybody else is talking about podcast-wise and also discover new shows that might have escaped your notice previously or you didn’t even know existed.

Top Podcast charts will show the Top 200 overall shows in the region or category while the Trending Podcasts charts will show the top 50 “rapidly rising” shows. Some regions like Brazil, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, the UK, and the U.S. will also have Top Podcasts by category. You’ll be able to see which podcasts are popular in true crime, health and wellness, pop culture, and other categories.

For podcast creators, you will receive a notification on your dashboard when your show is part of the charts. You can turn the notification into a visual card which you can then share across social media platforms, for bragging rights and also to get even more people to subscribe and listen to your shows and episodes. This will surely help in the discoverability of new shows as the fact that there are more than a million podcasts on Spotify right now will make it hard for some to be discovered.

You can see the Podcast Charts tile when you go to your Spotify mobile’s Browse All section and then tap on, what else, Podcasts. Good luck to all podcasters out there and may the charts be ever in your favor.

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