Spotify adds new sharing options for music, podcasts

Spotify did a survey of their users and found out that a lot of people discover music through social media channels. In fact, 40% is attributed to those shared through various social media platforms. And so they’re bringing new ways and improvements to how users can share their favorite music and podcasts on their preferred channels. This includes sharing specific timestamps on the podcast episode they want their friends to listen to and also bringing Canvas to Snapchat and improving the sharing layout to other platforms.

Currently, when you want to share a podcast episode on your social media or to a friend, you can only share the link to specific episodes. But if you want them to listen to a certain part, you will now be able to share it beginning at a particular timestamp. Just tap the share button on the episode and then use the switch to share feature at the current playtime, and then choose where you want to share the content with. Those who receive the shared podcast need to just click the link and they’ll be brought to the particular part of that podcast episode.

Spotify has a Canvas feature that is able to turn a static song into a video-art showcase when you’re sharing it. At launch, it was only available on Instagram Stories but now they’re also adding Snapchat as a place where you can share the song that you’re listening to and also have some visual eye candy to come along with it. You will now also be able to preview the Canvas that you want to share on both Instagram Stories and Snapchat before actually sharing them.

Spotify has also updated its sharing menu on its mobile app. The layout is also much easier to navigate with its easy-to-view grid and the destination list has also been improved. The available messaging and social media apps will be populated according to what’s installed on your device. I hope they’ll also be able to put the apps you frequently use on top as there are sometimes too many apps to choose from.

These new and improved sharing options are now rolling out to Spotify mobile app users. There are other previous features like Group Session and Collaborative Playlists that also add to people’s music and podcast discoveries on the music streaming app.

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