Speed dial support is on the way for Microsoft Teams for iOS

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Microsoft Teams is a popular collaboration tool for chatting, collaboration, and group meetings. It’s also a useful app for one-to-one calls with colleagues. Soon, you’ll be able to get into a call with the people you contact most a bit quicker, thanks to speed dial support on iOS. The feature appears in the Microsoft 365 roadmap and could arrive as soon as June, though dates on the roadmap are always subject to change.

Here’s the full description, as found on the Microsoft 365 roadmap:

Speed dial is coming to mobile devices. This feature makes your most used calling contacts easy to access with one tap dialing.

Microsoft is fairly vague when it comes to what this feature will actually look like. Calling people through Teams isn’t exactly a lengthy or complicated process as it is. Within the calls section of the app you see all of the people you’ve called recently. The section also has a search bar to make it easy to find any of your contacts.

Presumably, the speed dial feature will let you add some favorite contacts to a section that can be quickly called with the mentioned “one tap dialing.”

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