Specs comparison: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite vs Galaxy S10e

If the Galaxy S10e wasn’t enough, Samsung now has another cheaper Galaxy S10 model to sell you. The company launched the Galaxy S10 Lite alongside the Galaxy Note 10 Lite today – the S10 Lite is the fifth smartphone with the Galaxy S10 moniker that Samsung now has in its portfolio. Like the Galaxy S10e, it offers many specs similar to the Galaxy S10 and S10+ but is also different in a few areas.The Galaxy S10 Lite has three rear cameras, but the sensors it uses are considerably less impressive. It has a macro camera instead of a telephoto camera (meaning you have to move closer to things to take a photo instead of zooming in with a single tap) and a 12MP ultra-wide camera instead of a 16MP ultra-wide camera. The 48MP primary rear camera, meanwhile, won’t be able to match up to the 12MP Dual Aperture lens on the Galaxy S10 and S10+.The Galaxy S10 Lite also has some features that are noticeably better than the Galaxy S10 and S10+. There’s the 4,500 mAh battery with 25W super fast charging, newer version of Android and Samsung’s One UI software out of the box, a higher-resolution front-facing camera, and a huge 6.7-inch screen (albeit of a lower maximum resolution) with a centered punch hole. The display is flat, too, which some will find to be an advantage.With both the Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy S10e in the market, Samsung is now offering consumers multiple options as cheaper alternatives to the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. How do these alternatives compare to each other on paper? That’s something you can find out right away by taking a look at the specs table below.Galaxy S10 Lite vs Galaxy S10e specs comparison

Galaxy S10 Lite

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