Soon you can Zoom on your Google Smart Displays

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Google and Zoom may technically be competitors since the former has its own video conferencing tool. But it also has hardware whose users can benefit from being able to use their preferred software while also enjoying the whole Google ecosystem. Well if you’re still heavily into using Zoom for your video calls, soon you will be able to do so on your Google Assistant Smart Displays like Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max and presumably, third-party displays like Lenovo and JBL.

Don’t hold your breath or video calls though since this feature will be arriving on your smart displays by the end of the year. Google mentioned the Zoom addition in a video post about all the different ways you can join video calls from your smart display but didn’t mention any more details about how it will happen. But from Zoom’s own announcement, it will be integrated with both your Google Assistant and your Google Calendar.

Google says that with the addition of Zoom and also the previous integration of their own Meet video conferencing app, you will be able to go from one meeting to another. You can just say, “Hey Google, join my next meeting” and if that meeting is scheduled on your Calendar, whether it’s Zoom or Meet, it should connect automatically. We hope to get more details about the Zoom integration soon.

Meanwhile, Zoom also announced that other devices will be supporting their popular video conferencing tool. If you’re using an Amazon Echo Show or a Facebook Portal, you’ll be able to join your meetings or your family reunion video call from those devices. This is a big deal as it has been able to penetrate brands and devices that may have their own video chat solutions. With Portal you will get a Zoom app while Echo Show devices will also be syncing it with their calendar.

If you have your Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, Lenovo Display, or JBL Link View, Google wants to remind you of the nifty things you can do if you use their own Meet or Duo with your Google Assistant. You can start a video call, leave a video message on Duo, put your VIPs on speed dial, and broadcast a message through the smart display to other displays around the house.

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