Sony’s plan to bring PlayStation titles to mobile revealed in job listing

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Mobile gaming is a big gold rush for game developers, and bringing all the big PC and console titles to the small screen has unquestioned advantages. Sony realizes this fact, therefore, its latest job listing for a senior position – the Head of Mobile, PlayStation Studios, SIE – reveals big plans to bring successful titles to the small devices. The position demands a team of mobile platform developers and scaling the team to bring in more business for a timeframe of three to five years.

The mobile platform for Sony, PlayStation Mobile Inc., already exists with applications like PS Remote Play, Run Sackboy! Run! and Uncharted: Fortune Hunter. Besides a handful of not so popular gaming apps, the publishing house lacks innovative apps that users have got used to.

Posted on the ResetEra platform, the listing clearly states, it’ll be based out of San Mateo, California to lead the “vision, mission, and strategy” for mobile gaming. The focus will be on bringing popular PlayStation franchises to the mobile platform and expanding the avenues of growth.

The roadmap for the position is long-term oriented, and we couldn’t expect any mobile titles to be released at least this year by Sony. The mobile gaming arena is a multi-billion dollar prospect – if Sony can leverage just the right tools, and talent pool to develop winning titles like Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite etc. which are hugely successful thanks to mobile gamers around the world.

This move makes even more sense, as Sony can widen its audience base even more, and of course, the revenue from in-app purchases will boost their business. It’s still early days to speculate which titles from the PC/console platform will be ported over to the mobile arena. However, one thing is for sure, gamers are in for something special from Sony in the coming years.

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