Sony Xperia patent shows pop-up cam, pop-up speaker system

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Sony Xperia smartphone with pop-up camera

Sony may not be number one when it comes to smartphones but it comes up with interesting designs and technologies. The last device from the company is the Sony Xperia L4 making an impression with its 21:9 screen and triple rear cameras. We also remember the Sony Xperia 10 II as a super mid-range phone, also with a 21:9 display. The next model from the brand may have a pop-up camera and speaker if we are to believe a recent patent that surfaced.

The idea of a pop-up-camera has been around for several years now but not all OEMs have embraced the design. Some have already ditched the feature by settling for a punch-hole camera or a notch. The under-screen camera tech is still being readied and we’re looking forward to its implementation.

Over the past two years, several smartphone models have been introduced with a pop-up selfie camera. The likes of Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo, OPPO, Samsung, Asus, and Huawei have tried adding a pop-up camera at least to one model. Personally, I like the idea but there is the risk of wear and tear.

A floating camera allows for a bigger screen real estate. Sony seems to be interested in this particular design as per a recent patent. A Sony Xperia phone with a pop-up camera? Why not. It’s not exactly “new” but Sony can always innovate.

A Sony phone with a retractable camera may be introduced in the near future. It’s not clear when Sony is set to release a new Xperia phone that not only has a pop-up camera but also comes with a pop-up speaker. Interestingly, this patent was filed by Sony in Japan back in 2018. It was approved only on May 14, 2020 and is now on the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) database.

The Sony Xperia smartphone camera features a borderless screen design. We see narrow frame edges. The pop-up camera covers the actual width of the device. What’s unique about this phone is the speaker that is also part of the pop-up mechanism. The bottom of the phone also shows an extendable speaker system. Instead of pop-up, it’s pop-down.

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