Sony Reon Pocket is a wearable air conditioner, ready in Japan

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Sony Reon Pocket

We may have missed featuring the Sony Reon when it was first introduced but we can say this deserves our attention. The product is one that delivers ‘cool air’ to the wearer. It’s a “wearable” in the sense that you wear it under your shirt. It’s described as a thermal device that keeps the wearer cool, especially during summer. It’s only available in Japan where everything cool and eccentric are available. It was a crowdfunding project that eventually turned into reality.

The first wearable air conditioner in the world is available in Japan. It can be attached to your back, in the middle of your shoulder bladeS–just below the nape. The device is placed on your back to regulate body temperature.

The temperature will depend on the season, weather, or preference. It basically works by absorbing or releasing heat. The effect is a cool or warm sensation. It works as both a heater and air conditioner so it’s perfect for everyone, whether you live in the tropical region or countries that experience winter.

It’s a good product but it only works for two hours. That’s on a single charge only via a USB-C cable. It’s a smart device that can be controlled or managed from a mobile app on either iOS or Android.

The product is priced at 13,000 JPY which is about $121. The T-Shirt that has a special pocket for the device costs 1,800 JPY ($17). You can probably skip the shirt and make one on your own. No information if this will be sold in other markets but it’s now readily available in Japan.

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