Sony Mobile’s division in Sweden will be merged in Sony Nordic

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Sony Mobile has been following a plan to downsize its office in Lund, Sweden. Last year it announced that it will let go of 200 staff, now there are reports that 60 additional jobs may be at risk. Both engineers and support staff are affected.

Eventually, Sony Mobile AB (the Swedish branch of the company) will be folded into Sony Nordic. Some have already made the jump – 50 employees have been moved to Network Communications Europe. Another 100 are working in the new R&D department that opened in Lund this spring.

Sony Mobile's division in Sweden will be merged in Sony Nordic

This doesn’t mean that Sony is giving up on the mobile market, however the mobile division in Sweden will cease to operate as a separate company. The Lund office is the former headquarters of Ericsson Mobile, which Sony acquired as it gained full control of the Sony Ericsson partnership.

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