Sony copies brilliant features from Samsung soundbars and TVs

Samsung has been the world’s biggest TV brand for 17 consecutive years and the biggest soundbar brand for ten years. It must be doing many things right to achieve such a huge feat, and Sony has taken a few leaves out of the South Korean firm’s book for its new TVs and soundbars.

Sony copies Samsung’s SpaceFit Sound and Q-Symphony features for its new soundbars

Sony announced its new soundbar and TV lineup this week, and it appears that it has copied a few features from Samsung’s TV and soundbar lineups. One of those features is Acoustic Center Sync. It combines the speakers of the TV and the soundbar to create more immersive and powerful audio. This is exactly similar to Samsung’s Q-Symphony feature that debuted three years ago.

Sony Bravia Soundbar Lineup 2024

Moreover, Sony seems to have copied Samsung’s SpaceFit Sound feature. Sony’s new Bravia soundbars feature Sound Field Optimization, which uses onboard microphones to optimize audio according to the room’s dimensions. Another feature that Samsung’s and Sony’s soundbars have in common is the ability to recognize and amplify vocals using AI. Samsung calls it Active Voice Amplifier Pro, while Sony has branded it Voice Zoom 3.

Despite Sony copying these features, Samsung might still have the upper hand. Its soundbars have always been rated higher than Sony’s in terms of overall audio quality and feature set. Samsung’s new soundbars have wireless sync with the company’s TVs and Wireless Dolby Atmos. They can also be controlled using the SmartThings app on smartphones and tablets.

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