Sony Bravia mini-LED, OLED and QD-OLED TVs with Google TV launched

It’s raining high-tech TVs at CES – the basic idea of each company is to deliver sets with brighter displays and refresh rates. Sony is late to the party – following LG and Samsung – but it is here with a bang, presenting the company’s 2022 Bravia TV line-up. The highlight here, in addition to their mini-Led displays, is the integration of Android TV. Yes, all the models in the new Bravia XR TV line-up come with Google TV interface.

Sony’s new line-up of Bravia TVs is spearheaded by Google TV enable mini-LED sets. The new members also include improved OLED TVs and a brand new Bravia Cam. The new mini-LED TVs will feature offer better contrast and blacks as compared to previously available televisions, while the use of more LEDs in the same form factor would also translate into brighter Bravia TVs, the company claims.

Sony Z9K series smart TVs will feature mini-LED panels and will reportedly deliver 8K resolution with a 120Hz variable refresh rate. These will appear in 75 and 85-inch configurations. Sony is also delivering the Bravia X95K series, which would comprise 4K TVs in 65, 75, and 85-inch sizes.

The company’s as we said, has also improved upon its OLED TVs and these are launching under the X90K series. These TV sets without mini-LED technology will come in 55, 65, 75 and 85-inch models. Sony is also debuting QD-OLED TVs. QD stands for Quantum Dot. The first of these is the Bravia XR A95K.

The Bravia XR A95K would, thanks to the panel technology, provide an even brighter display and arrive in 4K resolution in either 55 or 65-inch sizes. All the mentioned models here will offer Google TV support out of the box, allowing users access to a plethora of apps and smart home features.

In addition to the TVs, Sony has also unveiled a webcam with the moniker ‘Bravia Cam’. This webcam is designed to be positioned on top of a TV set to let the user take control using hand gestures. There is no word on the pricing and availability of these mentioned products at the time of writing, but we can expect most of these to hit markets in the first half of 2022.

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