Sonos Trade Up Program will no longer ask devices to be bricked

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Sonos’ decision to stop support for their older speakers was met with a lot of criticism by long time users. While they did offer a Trade Up program if you wanted to get a discount for getting a newer one, you were asked to put your old device on Recycle Mode, in effect bricking it. They were criticized again for that move and so now it looks like they’re relenting and removing that requirement for those who want to avail of the trade up.

Users who wanted to upgrade their Sonos devices will get 30% off in the Trade Up program they’re offering, to make up for ending support for the original Sonos smart speakers. However, you were asked to put the device in Recycle Mode which would prevent it from connecting with the Internet and other Sonos products. So even if the older device was still functional, it would be rendered useless and therefore contribute to electronic waste, which is becoming a big environmental problem.

Sonos has now changed this policy and will not require owners to brick their older devices in order to avail of the Trade Up program. You will only have to provide the serial number of your older device to validate with them that you are eligible for that 30% discount. You can then continue to use the older speaker or just give them away if you don’t have any use for them.

Eventually, you will not be able to use them in its original state because Sonos will continue with its plan to end support and updates for the legacy products. By May 2020, the following devices will not be updated to the latest software: “original Zone Players, Connect, and Connect:Amp (launched in 2006; includes versions sold until 2015), first-generation Play:5 (launched 2009), CR200 (launched 2009), and Bridge (launched 2007).”

This is good news for those who still want to be able to use these legacy devices as a stand-alone speaker eventually or who would want to give it away to friends who’ll have some use for it. But you will also have the option to send it back to Sonos if you have no use for it through a prepaid shipping label that you can get from them.


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