Sonos Move’s Lunar White variant now up for pre-order

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The Sonos Move was the brand’s first battery-powered speaker that launched last year. And while the price tag was a bit steep, fans of the brand and those looking for quality portable speakers were pretty happy with the device. What they released was the Shadow Black Move and now it will get a new variant: Lunar White. The good news for both current and new owners of the premium speakers is that a software update brings an extra hour of playback.

The Lunar White Move’s only difference from the Shadow Black is its color. But otherwise, it is still IP56 rated so you can keep it with you while at the pool or the beach. It is also UV-resistant so it will still be protected even under the heat. It also has the new version of the auto-tuning system which adjusts your speaker’s ECQ according to the position and surroundings of the speaker. And of course, since it is Sonos, its drivers are louder and beefier than other Bluetooth speakers.

The Move speaker can work within a standard Sonos wireless system but you can also use Bluetooth if you want to pair it directly with your smartphone or whatever other Bluetooth-powered music source you have. The $399 price tag may be a bit too much for some but the Sonos brand has been able to prove itself worthy of the premium brand so sound-wise and specs-wise, it should be worth the investment.

Plus both new owners and those who previously bought the Shadow Black Move will get an update that will extend the battery life. You’ll get an added extra hour of playback so you get a total of 11 hours of continuous playback if you’re using it wirelessly. But if you’re using the charging ring, that brings you unlimited use of your speakers as long as it’s plugged in.

You can now pre-order the Lunar White Move from their website and it has the same $399 price as the Shadow Black. It will start shipping on June 30 for the US, Canada, Mexico and China. Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan will start getting theirs by July 7.

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