Snapseed finally gets “update” after two years of silence

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You might be forgiven in thinking that Google has sunsetted its formerly hugely popular photo editing app Snapseed. After all, we haven’t gotten an update for the app for almost two years. But apparently, it is still alive and kicking as it has finally received an “update”. We put that in quotation marks because the update doesn’t really bring anything new to the table except some bug fixes since they probably have a lot of bugs to fix in the past couple of years.

According to Android Police, version 2.19.1 of Snapseed is now available on Google Play Store. The changelog says it has a new dark theme, but actually, this has been available since 2018, before dark mode became the feature du-jour of all apps. It may have been an update so it supports the system-wide dark mode of Android 10, but apparently it still doesn’t. So this means the update was really all about bug fixes, which is still better than nothing.

Some users pointed out that apart from the bug fixes, this update is actually the first Snapseed release that is a 64-bit APK. This means it may be “marginally faster” and in case Google decides to remove 32-bit support for Android eventually, then Snapseed will not have a problem in the future.

Google says they’ve been working on improvements on Snapseed, although specific plans weren’t really mentioned. They said their developers were working on adding improved RAW support, as well as becoming compatible with the newest devices. Especially now that there are a lot of new devices since its last update, it’s important that they are able to keep up or else users will just go to othe, better photo editing apps.

If you still have Snapseed installed in your phone, you can go and update it now so that the bugs will be fixed. Let’s wait if it will take them two years again to release another update.

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