Snake reboot launches on Xbox One

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Did you play Snake on those Nokia phones back in the day? Did you spend hundreds of hours trying to get the largest snake possible over the course of many months? Well, if the answer to that is ‘yes,’ then you’ll be happy to know that a 4K version of Snake just launched on Xbox One. It was supposed to release on February 5, but it’s available a day early.

Nibble your way through 100 amazing rounds in five worlds with 20 different bosses in this 4K reboot of the classic game Snake. The quest is easy: avoid all obstacles and eat the remaining fruit. The reptile will increase in size and speed after eating, especially if you eat the meat; soda can make you smaller again; touch a turbo booster and your speed will increase rapidly for a few seconds and try not to crash!

Classic Snake Adventures is Xbox One X Enhanced and looks phenomenal on a 4K display. Plus, at $9, everyone should pick it up because the gameplay is just classic. We can’t get enough of it!

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