sMouse turns the Galaxy Note 10 S Pen into an air mouse

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That S Pen that came with the Galaxy Note 10 can be used as a real mouse. We’ve heard of a similar idea before but it’s only now that it’s becoming a reality. Thanks to some genius developers who worked on the concept. The Note 10’s S Pen is more advanced than ever so it can be modified to work differently via a special app known as sMouse. The application is now available for download directly from the Google Play Store.

This app isn’t an official offering from Samsung but it works pretty well with the S Pen. Making the ‘mouse’ function possible is the accelerometer and 6-axis gyroscope. They are usually used for Air Gestures but with a few tweaks on the code, the Note stylus can do more.

The sMouse is a third-party app that takes advantage of the gyroscope. You can use the S Pen as an air mouse for the Note 10. Once enabled, you will see a mouse cursor on the screen.

The virtual mouse cursor will be present once the sMouse app is set up. It only works on the Galaxy Note 10 and the S Pen that comes with it because of the Gyro sensor. If you plan on using the sMouse, make sure you provide permissions to draw over the screen and enable accessibility service. ]

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