SmartThings Find reaches 100 million Find Nodes, launches Members feature

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In a little less than a year, Samsung’s SmartThings Find has already reached a milestone of having 100 million Find Nodes, with around 230,000 devices located every day because of the service. For people and households with several Samsung devices enabled and with non-Samsung devices with Galaxy SmartTags, this has been a very helpful tool to locate missing or misplaced smartphones, smartwatches, earbuds, S Pen Pro, and other personal belongings. They also just recently launched SmartThings Find Members so you can invite trusted friends and family members to help find and manage devices.

If you’re one of the few Samsung users that don’t know about SmartThings Find, it lets you find your misplaced Galaxy devices that are registered to the service using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. Even if the device is offline, you will still be able to locate it if there are nearby Galaxy users that have enabled their own Galaxy devices to help other people find nearby, lost devices.

Included also in the things that you can find are your personal belongings like wallets, car keys, or even laptops, if they have the Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+ device attached to it. If you’re the kind of person that keeps misplacing things, it would be worth it to use these accessories and of course to enable all of your Galaxy devices and the people you live with and their Galaxy devices to enable the service.

Speaking of other people, Samsung recently launched the SmartThings Find Members service. You can invite up to 19 people to become members of your SmartThings account so they’ll also be able to find and manage their devices. If they accept your invitation, you can opt for them to view your selected devices and locations for specific devices. So it’s also important that the people you invite here are trusted of course.

Reaching the 100 million Find Nodes after launching just in October of 2020 is a big accomplishment for Samsung SmartThings Find. It has been more well-received than the Amazon Sidewalk service which is not the same but slightly similar. The latter though has some privacy concerns and is on by default while SmartThings Find is opt-in.

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