Sling TV launches campaign, free content to get people to stay in

Apparently, the threat of a virus spreading is not enough reason for people who can to just stay home. Artists, celebrities, brands, and entertainment companies are coming up with a lot of gimmicks to “help out” people who are scared they will get too bored. It’s also an ingenious way for brands to push their product or content to the public and get bonus points for offering something free. Sling TV is the latest to join the bandwagon as they launch their “Stay In & SLING” campaign which gives some free content for those who will bite.

Sling TV actually offers some free content already but they’re expanding it even more with this “new free tier” that they’re offering non-customers. You’ll be able to access news content through ABC News Live and then some episodes of “old” shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Adventure Time, Grace Under Fire, etc. They’re also offering some free live TV channels, but probably not the major ones of course.

To access these free offerings, all you have to do is download the Sling TV app on your Roku, Amazon, or Android smartphone or tablet. You can also watch them on our Chrome, Safari, or Edge browser by going to If you’re already a subscriber, you can of course access the free content through the app and you don’t have to change your subscription in any way. Well, you probably have access to more interesting content anyway so why go there?

And if users feel the urge to subscribe to Sling TV, they’re giving you $10 off for your first month. That means you’ll just pay $20, at least for that month. You’ll then have access to “today’s most popular channels” like CNN, Fox News, MNSBC. You’ll probably have non-news channels too of course, but these are the “popular channels” they wanted to highlight.

Sling TV is just one of many content distributors that are trying to give people something to do while at home and hoping that this will pay off if people decide to eventually subscribe. Some like Disney+ and Universal Pictures are releasing their digital content earlier than scheduled. Let’s see if these gambles eventually pay off.

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