Slickwraps database accessed, hacker emails customers about breach

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If you’ve at one time bought anything from Slickwraps, a company that sells vinyl skins for your devices, you might have received an email that you thought may have been a joke or a promotion for a new security service. Apparently, they have suffered a “massive security breach” and these hackers then sent emails to the entire customer database, informing them that they have your data. While there’s no proof that any of your information has been used for nefarious activities, this is a huge thing that they are still working on correcting.

Users started receiving an email with the subject line “ATTN: ALL SLICKWRAPS CUSTOMERS” which then details to you the information they have been able to get about you, which includes your personal name, address, and phone number. They then refer to a Medium post in which someone called Lynx0x00 detail how he was able to hack into Slickwraps’ system. He says he’s a cybersecurity analyst and that the company has “abysmal cybersecurity”.

He claims he gave Slickwraps the proper notification about this but the company did not respond to him and then blocked him on Twitter after trying to reach out there. While the third party that sent out emails on behalf of Lynx0x00 assured users that they did not do anything with your data, the fact that they publicly posted details about the hack may actually lead to other hackers trying to exploit this vulnerability while Slickwraps tries to fix this.

For their part, the company finally emailed customers officially informing them of the breach, which they say they only became aware by February 21, which based on Lynx0x00’s information, is a lie. They said the data accessed did not include passwords or personal financial data but they are now working with a third-party cyber security firm to audit and improve their security protocols.

There doesn’t seem to be any reports that would prove that the database or any payment information has been used by hackers. But the fact that this was a series of security breaches for Slickwraps should be cause for concern for the company and its consumers.


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