Slack now lets you list your pronouns, and Teams needs to do the same

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Galaxy S20 Review Slack Greenmat DndSource: Ara Wagoner / Windows Central

Slack has a new pronouns field that allows you to list your pronouns below your name and job title. Your pronoun will appear on your mini-profile and your full profile, helping people know how to address you. The feature is rolling out now, so you might not see it just yet (via The Verge).

It was already possible to have a pronoun field in Slack if an administrator created one. Some people also include their pronouns in their name. If an administrator already created a pronoun field for a Slack channel, they can continue to use that field or switch to the new one that’s rolling out to everyone. The new pronoun field is featured more prominently in people’s profiles.

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The new pronoun field in Slack is hidden by default, but it can easily be enabled. Slack has a guide on how to enable the pronoun field.

Slack rival Microsoft Teams may want to follow suit. Almost 3,000 people have voted for the same feature to roll out to Microsoft Teams through UserVoice. Now that the option to list pronouns is rolling out to Slack, people in the UserVoice forum have expressed frustration that it isn’t available for Teams.

An admin from Microsoft responded to the UserVoice post, stating that Microsoft loves the idea and that it is under review.

Some other popular sites and apps have rolled out the option to add pronouns to profiles, including Instagram, OkCupid, and Lyft.

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