Skype brings draft messages, bookmarks, files preview, split screen

Since messaging apps are a dime a dozen right now, developers need to come up with new features that should give them a leg up over the competition. Skype is hoping that their latest update would do just that as they are bringing more features to make you more productive and to give a better chat experience whether you’re chatting with loved ones or for business. You’ll get things like draft messages, bookmarks, and preview of the files and media you’re sending and split screens for conversations.

There are times when you’re typing something on your message box and then you get distracted by something and you lose that message. Well, now all the messages that you typed but did not send are now saved in that conversation and marked with the draft tag. You have the option to continue typing and send it later on or just to delete it altogether. Even when you leave the app, the draft will still be there in the conversation.

When you have a lot of chats going on, you would want to save the important messages so you can go back to it later on. Now you can bookmark any message within the app just by right-clicking or long-pressing on a message. All the bookmarked messages are saved in a Bookmarks screen and can be accessed easily together with the other messages saved. This is especially useful for those using Skype for work.

To make sure you’re sending the right picture, video, or file, you now can get a preview in the message panel. You can also add an explanation or description so it will be sent as a message together with the file. And if you’re sending multiple photos and videos, Skype will show them a nice presentation featuring the files in an album which they can click between the photos and videos.

Lastly, you can now use split-window so you can open up each of the conversations in a separate window. This is only for Windows 10 while the other features mentioned as part of the latest update are available for the Android app.

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