Skullcandy now has its own voice platform for hands-free controls

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Voice assistants are already available for several headphones and truly wireless earbuds devices. But Skullcandy thinks it’s better if they have their own voice platform for their own audio accessories. With the launch of their two new earbuds – the Grind Fuel and the Push Active – not only do we get great features at below $100, we also get a new hands-free assistant called Skull-IQ. By saying “Hey Skullcandy”, you will be able to get more audio-focused tasks done.

The Skull-IQ voice platform was created specifically to help you control your music and your earbuds. While a lot of the things that it can do is also part of your phone’s default voice assistant, having something built for the earbuds themselves may be better. You’ll be able to do things like play/pause, skip tracks, turn the volume up or down, and take or reject calls. You can even activate Stay Aware mode or your device’s ambient sound mode.

Skullcandy says they’re also the first to have voice-activated Spotify Tap access. Just by saying “Hey Skullcandy, Spotify”, it will launch the streaming app so you can listen to your music and podcasts without lifting a hand. More features will be coming in the future for Skull-IQ and this will be through over-the-air updates. Get ready to say “Hey Skullcandy” a few times if you’re getting these new earbuds.

As for the Grind Fuel and the Push Active, the specs seem to be pretty much the same and the differences are in the design. The Grind Fuel is the usual true wireless earbuds while the Push Active has an over-the-ear hook option if you prefer the more secure fit. Both have the aforementioned Stay Aware mode, “supreme sound”, noise-reducing mics for your voice and video calls, as well as IP55 sweat and water resistance.

Both new earbuds are available for purchase at Skullcandy with the Push Active priced at $79.99 while the Grind Fuel is at $99.99. Meanwhile, Skull-IQ Smart Feature Technology will be available for future Skullcandy devices as well.

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