SK hynix launches ultra-low-power 2TB Gold P31 SSD

SK hynix launched a 2TB version of its Gold P31 SSD. Like its smaller siblings, the 2TB version aims to deliver great specs for its price. While the total price of the 2TB Gold P31 is $280, the larger model is cheaper per GB than the 500GB (it’s pricier per GB than its 1TB variant). You can order the 2TB SK hynix Gold P31 now through Amazon.

Our Cale Hunt only listed two cons in his SK hynix Gold P31 review, one of which was its limited size options. That’s largely addressed with the launch of the 2TB model, though there still isn’t an option smaller than 500GB.

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The 2TB model has a black Printed Circut Board (PCB) rather than the green PCB seen in the models with less storage. It also has a higher TBW rating of 1,200TBW compared to 750TBW for the 1TB model and 500TBW for the 500GB model. There are also some slight speed differences when compared to the 500GB model. The Gold P31 has read/write speeds of 3,500MB/s and 3,200MB/s.

In terms of value for money, Hunt puts the SK hynix Gold P31 among the best SSDs. With a cheaper cost per GB, the 2TB Gold P31 could be a solid option for anyone looking to build a PC.

128-Layer 4D NAND M.2 SSD

SK hynix Gold P31

SK hynix Gold P31

Excellent performance but affordable

The SK hynix was already among the best SSDs on the market in terms of value. Now, it’s available in a larger 2TB variant.

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