SideSync is officially shutting down, replaced by Samsung Flow

Samsung is officially shutting down SideSync. Signs of this happening first emerged in October last year when SideSync was replaced with Samsung Flow on the Galaxy S9 series. Now the company is going to pull the plug on SideSync across the board, and users who will want to share their notifications and mirror their smartphone’s screen to a computer will continue to do so using Samsung Flow instead.SideSync will cease to exist on the Galaxy Store and Google Play Store beginning October 15. Once this happens, Samsung smartphone users will no longer be able to find and download the app through these channels. Users who already have the app on their phones will still be able to utilize it, but the company recommends Samsung Flow as a better alternative for people who require the mirroring feature.

As to why Samsung has decided to axe SideSync, well, the app’s demise doesn’t come as a surprise given its lack of support for the Galaxy S9 a year ago. This doesn’t seem to be a case of getting rid of a useful feature without offering an alternative. It’s more of a decision to streamline the platforms and integrate some of SideSync’s features into the newer Samsung Flow application.Do you use SideSync on your phone or have you already switched to Samsung Flow? If you did, how was your transition? If not, check out the video below for a quick look at the app’s capabilities.

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