SideActions app is a button, S Pen remapper for the Note 10

Power Button Remapper for Note10 - sideActions

The Galay Note 10 series arrived with a Bixby button. It can be remapped but it can’t be said of the S Pen, Volume, and the Power Button. Those three important parts of the phone can now be easily remapped with the help of a special app called sideActions. With sideActions, your device can be more powerful and functional depending on your needs. The Power Button can be transformed to capture a screen, launch the Google Assistant, or turn on the flashlight. All you need is a single click to do these things from a physical button on your phone.

The S Pen too, the Galaxy Note’s stylus, can be remapped. It can be used to navigate your smartphone. Turn on the flashlight remotely with a gesture or a flick of the pen. As for the volume buttons, they can work differently apart from just adjust the volume. Remap to use them to skip a song or move forward to a few seconds when you’re listening to a podcast.

The sideActions app (now on Google Play Store) also allows remapping per app. For example, the side key can be used to take a photo while the camera app is on. Instead of the side key, it could also be the Power button. You can set just about any action with this mobile.

Some other actions supported include double and long-press, disable the Power button, Mute phone, switch to last app, launch the camera or any other app, and answer phone calls among others. Actually, there are over 35 actions allowed. The sideActions app is free but don’t worry, no annoying ads will be shown.

Please note this works only for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. To start setup, you have to make sure the original power button is set to launch Bixby. (Check: Settings> Advanced Features> Side Key). Allow Bixby to use sideActions and complete setup. You will need a computer though if you want to remap the S Pen.

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