Should you buy the Razer Viper or Viper Ultimate?

Best answer: Most people will be better with the standard Viper, which is almost identical in performance but costs a significant amount less. The Viper Ultimate is worth it though if you absolutely must have a wireless mouse.

Choosing between the Viper and Viper Ultimate is choosing between two of the absolute best gaming mice money can buy right now. There are many similarities, and a few differences, but make no mistake — no matter which one you choose, you’re getting an outstanding product.

Both share the same external design, save for some minor differences on the bottom of the Viper Ultimate that allow for the wireless charging contacts and the slot to hide the wireless dongle. This means you’ll get the same shape, same programmable buttons, same optical switches and same bottom mounted DPI changer.

Inside you get the same onboard storage on both to take your profiles between PCs with ease. While the wireless option is slightly heavier, the difference is so small you won’t notice it in every day use.

Where the Viper Ultimate has the edge

The cable on the regular Viper is wonderful, with a light, snag-resistant construction that feels almost like using a wireless mouse. But it’s not a wireless mouse; it still requires you to be connected to your PC. The cable is pretty long, so if you’re using it with a laptop, for example, it can get a little awkward.

The sensor on the Ultimate is also a little different. It’s Razer’s brand new Focus+ optical sensor, which has up to 20,000 DPI, but more interestingly, some smart features like self calibration that ensures your mouse movements are in perfect sync with your PC.

Regular Razer Viper is the best choice for most

While the tech inside the Viper Ultimate is technically superior, using the two of them feels virtually identical. For a wireless mouse to feel that good is a feat in itself, but for most people, the regular wired Viper is going to be the one to get.

It mainly comes down to price. It’s about half the cost of the Viper Ultimate, while offering the same features and high level of performance. Unless you absolutely have to have a wireless mouse, it’s the one to go for for most people.

Our pick

Razer Viper

The same at half the price

With near identical performance and features, the regular Viper is the easy recommendation thanks to its significantly lower price.

Good for Laptops

Razer Viper Ultimate

A great wireless mouse, particularly good for laptops

This is the best choice if you want to use it with a laptop a lot, but the significant price increase is something to take into consideration.

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