SHIELD TV receives 25th software update since launch

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NVIDIA SHIELD TV 25th Software Upgrade

NVIDIA is a name known for its graphics cards and chips. It has also ventured into the gaming industry by launching the Shield Tablet, Shield Portable, and the Shield Android TV. The company does customer support right as it regularly sends out software updates. We have lost count of how many upgrades we’ve featured and done. We just know more will be released that will make Shield products always up-to-date. It means no need for a hardware upgrade because a software update will suffice to make things like brand new.

The latest from NVIDIA is for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. Believe it or not, this device was launched in May 2015. The five-year-old gadget can still work as if newly bought, thanks to the regular updates. The latest software update is officially known as the ‘SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 8.2’.

This one is actually the 25th update for the original SHIELD TV. It delivers new features and a bunch of improvements for those that use the device for media streaming. The AI upscaler introduced back in 2019 is being updated so it can take low-resolution videos and create enhanced sharpness and details. With the AI model update, expect the following: clearer landscapers, sharper edges, and scruffier hair.

Other important changes include the new SHIELD remote and two more actions to customize. That’s over 25 actions for the SHIELD remote you can use for the SHIELD TV app and SHIELD TV. IR and CEC volume control support is also improved. The update also brings digital projector support, IR volume control with the SHIELD TV app, an option to match the frame rate of content for older generations of SHIELD, and native SMBv3 support.

The update also brings UHD 4K upscaling support so content can go from 360p to 1440. This means YouTube videos can go to 4K with AI. Next month, NVIDIA will bring 4K 60fps upscaling to GeForce NOW.

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