Sheltered 2 is a new resource management survival game coming to Steam

Sheltered 2 Hero ImageSource: Team 17 | Unicube

Today, a sequel to the aging but popular resource management survival game Sheltered has been announced. Indie developer Unicube and publisher Team17 have partnered to take the ideas from the original game and expand upon them in every way with Sheltered 2, which is officially revealed and is heading to Steam at some point in 2021. There’s a brand-new announcement trailer for Sheltered 2, some slick new screenshots, and even a developer Q&A that answers questions about this challenging survival settlement builder.

The idea of Sheltered 2 is to collect resources and people to slowly build a base capable of withstanding the dangers of a violent post-apocalyptic world. You’ll also have to explore, establish outposts, deal with dangerous threats, interact with unique characters, forge relationships with powerful factions, and carefully manage resources at home. Sheltered 2 is a challenging game that expands upon the original in every way possible, apparently, with new visuals, strategies, and much more. All of this pairs with a brand-new 3D art style that allows for more variety in Sheltered 2 than the original’s pixel art.

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Right now, Sheltered 2 is only confirmed for a PC release on Steam at some point in 2021. When asked about other platforms or a wider release, Unicube had this to say:

We don’t have any plans for console as yet. One of the issues we did encounter with the first game was stretching ourselves quite thin with having the game on so many platforms. We want to focus on one platform and then we may branch out to others. It’s too soon to say at the moment.

Sheltered 2 looks like an exciting follow-up to the original, and makes meaningful improvements to the game and its content offering. We’re excited to see more of Sheltered 2 in the future, which may find its way onto our list of best survival games on PC. Who knows, maybe Sheltered 2 will end up becoming a favorite and one of the best PC games.

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