Sharing Minecraft with RTX on Twitter could win you prizes from NVIDIA

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One of the biggest changes to the tried-and-true Minecraft formula in recent history has been the addition of ray tracing, which looks absolutely breathtaking. The transformation includes updated realistic textures, and real-time tracking of light through a much more dynamic world. The early hands-on our team got left us seriously impressed with the results. To celebrate the progress they’ve made, NVIDIA is hosting a giant giveaway on Twitter.

The only requirement is that you show off screenshots or video clips of you in Minecraft with RTX ray tracing turned on with the hashtags “#Minecraft” and “#RTXOn” to be elligible. The giveaway is available on a lot of countries so it’s not just limited to the United States either. Prizes include Steam gift cards, Minecraft merchandise, in-game currency (Minecoins) and even NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards, which is one of the most powerful gaming components available to buy.

If you’re interested, you can check out the full terms and conditions here. Otherwise, make sure you’re enrolled in the Minecraft beta on Windows 10 and check out Minecraft with ray tracing!

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