Several Lenovo laptops have defective USB-C ports, but there’s a fix

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If you’ve run into issues with the USB-C port on your Lenovo laptop, you’re not alone. In a support document (via Tom’s Guide), Lenovo has confirmed several issues that may affect the USB-C ports on dozens of laptops. However, there’s a fix, and it’s as simple as applying a driver update.

Lenovo says that you may experience issues after six to 12 months of “typical usage.”Here’s the list of symptoms that Lenovo says impacted laptops may exhibit:

  • USB-C port not working
  • Intel Thunderbolt controller not visible in the OS/Device Manager
  • USB-C or Thunderbolt docking stations not visible or having connectivity problems
  • HDMI output not available
  • System battery not charging with a USB-C power adapter connected to the USB-C port
  • Intel Thunderbolt pop-up error message
  • Intel Thunderbolt safe mode error message
  • BIOS Thunderbolt communication error or hang during POST

Here’s the list of affected laptops, all of which fall under the ThinkPad brand:

If you have one of the above ThinkPad laptops and are experiencing issues with your USB-C ports, then you can install driver and firmware updates that should correct the problems. Head to Lenovo’s support page, on which you’ll find downloads for the firmware and driver updates at the bottom. If you still experience problems, Lenovo recommends you contact technical support for additional assistance.

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