Seven years later Fairphone 2 receives its last software update

In January Fairphone announced that it’s ending its software support for its second-generation smartphone and the time has officially come. Fairphone 2 is now receiving its final software update after the Dutch company released it back in 2015.

Fairphone 2 receives its last software update after seven years

The device started with Android 5 Lollipop and is now running Android 10, but the company kept it alive with minor updates and security patches. This March is the last security patch it would ever receive. To be fair, that’s more than you could expect from an OEM, given that the Fairphone 2 is running on Snapdragon 801 and Qualcomm ended its support for the chipset in 2016. Ever since, Fairphone must have had a difficult time keeping up to date with Qualcomm not providing drivers.

In an official statement, the company assured that it would continue its hardware support while spare parts stock lasts, but the Fairphone 2 will be considered vulnerable from May this year as it will not be protected against newer exploits.


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