Setup some new sound with Samson’s M50 studio monitors on sale for $98

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Grab a new pair of Samson MediaOne M50 studio monitors for a low price of $97.70 at Amazon. These speakers normally sell for around $120, and we have never seen them drop this low before. The speakers were first introduced back in 2019 and haven’t seen a lot of price drops since then. The same M50 monitors are $115 at B&H and going for as much as $130 at Best Buy.

Even at the regular price of $120, these studio monitors hit a nice balance of quality sound versus price. On sale, it’s a no-brainer for anyone looking to add some external audio to a PC setup. There are very few speakers around that can produce sound of this quality at such a price. And most of the quality options in this price range are only around three or four inches. The Samson M50 have 5.25-inch woofers so you’re getting a little more for the price. Despite the size, they are actually quite compact and should fit nicely on your desk or as bookends to your audio editing station.

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The monitors are powered by an 80-watt studio-grade amplifier. This is what separates “studio monitors” from standard “speakers.” While speakers might be loud, they do not have an amplifier in there for dynamic, rich, detailed sound. If you want to actually judge the music or other sounds you’re listening to, edit them, or otherwise get more in-depth than simply listening, then you need an amplifier.

You can also bump up the lower frequencies with the Bass Boost EQ switch that’s simple to use. The speakers include Stereo RCA and 1/8-inch inputs, headphone output, and a stereo 1/8-inch sub output.

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