Setting up Raspberry Pi 3 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B has an integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapter. You can set up the Raspberry Pi 3 Wi-Fi on the desktop, as well as on the console. With the same price as the predecessor models, you can save the money for a USB adapter with a Raspberry Pi 3 and ideally have two more USB ports at your disposal.

I will show in this tutorial how easy it can be to set up the Raspberry Pi 3 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices such as keyboards or mobile phones.

The Raspberry Pi 3 Wi-Fi can be set up easier than ever.
None of the previous Raspberry Pi models had the wireless receiver integrated, so you had to get a compatible USB stick and update it. This is still possible in principle, but the process has now become much simpler and can take place completely via the graphical user interface (GUI).

Updating the Raspberry Pi 3 Raspbian

If you’re using a fresh micro SD card, you can save yourself some update steps by downloading the latest Raspbian Jessie version and transferring it to the SD card. If you already have a micro SD card with a version of Raspbian, it must be updated so that the appropriate packages are loaded, because without them the modules are not usable. As the downloads on the Foundation’s website are not updated weekly, updating to the latest version of Raspbian definitely makes sense.

To update the repositories we open the terminal and enter the following commands (internet connection must exist, for example via an ethernet cable):

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo rpi-update

The last command is only important for those who have not updated their packages for a very long time. Alternatively, you can also use sudo raspi-config to perform a system update. Updating may take a little while, depending on when the last time you updated.

Afterwards, we restart.

sudo reboot

Setting up Raspberry Pi 3 Wi-Fi

If you are directly connected to the keyboard and a mouse, you can start the desktop and see the Wi-Fi button in the top right corner of the taskbar. Clicking on it will show all of the available wireless networks in the area that you can connect to:

Setting up Raspberry Pi 3 Wi-Fi

If you are connected to the Pi via SSH connection from your desktop computer, you can also follow this tutorial. In it, I show how to set up a wireless connection without the help of the GUI.

Setting up Raspberry Pi 3 Bluetooth

In order to use the integrated Bluetooth adapter of the Raspberry Pi 3, a few tools must be installed. So open the console again and enter the following:

sudo apt-get install pi-bluetooth
sudo apt-get install bluetooth bluez blueman

The second line installs packages to control the Bluetooth module via the graphical interface. At the top left should also be a Bluetooth symbol visible after a reboot (sudo reboot).

Setting up Raspberry Pi 3 Wi-Fi Bluetooth

Now you can connect the Pi with other devices (such as Bluetooth mouse, smartphones, etc.) and transfer files if necessary.

If you also want to automatically share files over the Bluetooth connection and integrate them into your programs, I showed in a previous tutorial how to set up a Bluetooth connection to the smartphone via the console.

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