See how Google Pixel’s voice-to-text is better than the iPhone’s

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Google Pixel Voice Text Feature

Not many people probably know this but the Pixel phone comes with a voice to text feature. The iPhone also has the Voice to Text Dictation as part of iOS. They are similar and different in many ways. Pixel phone users are saying the Android version is better especially on the Pixel since it is very responsive. This feature is made possible by the Voice to Text API which is under the Google Speech API‎. This is Google’s powerful speech recognition that is also made possible by machine learning.

Google’s speech-to-text can actually recognize over 120 languages and variants. It identifies spoken language automatically and can also filter out inappropriate content in text results. The tech giant has had this feature for several years now but we’re not sure how many people actually use it.

In recent years, the Text-to-Speech has been updated with male and female voices. There have been reports that the feature has been removed from some Pixel phones after the Android 10 update. There is no official announcement but we know it’s still there.

James Cham (@jamescham) shared a video that shows the difference between the iPhone and his Pixel phone. The phone on the right is the Pixel which obviously “hears” the person correctly judging by the text on the screen.

Watch the video below:

Are we surprised? Not really. The Google Assistant is smarter than Siri so we know the feature uses almost the same database. Google’s voice-to-text is definitely smarter than what’s on the iPhone. So yes, if you own a Pixel phone, you may want to try this one.

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