Security and privacy made better with updates, Password Checkup

The Google team always aims to come up with products and services that are helpful to most people. For most Android users, there’s data management alongside security and privacy where the devs can come in. One of the main goals is to make things easier and faster to use or enable. Some recent updates have something to do with using Google apps in Incognito mode, make controls easier to access, and more ways for data protection.

Another enhancement delivered is the automatic deletion of data like searches and Location History. The challenge has always been to make the controls consistent. They always work but consistency is something that must be checked from time to time.

Location History and Web & App Activity can be deleted automatically. Now, YouTube History is getting auto-delete. After some time, your activities will be deleted from the mobile device. YouTube also gets Assistant support so a user can easily control privacy.

Google Maps has received Incognito mode so you can use the app without having to save data. It won’t store your Google Account. It won’t be utilized to personalize Maps usage as well.

When it comes to privacy actions in the Assistant, they are protected by a strong and advanced security infrastructure like Google’s Security Checkup. Another process is Password Checkup that helps a device owner to be secured online all the time.

Password Checkup integrates with your password manager. It checks the security and strength of your saved passwords. It can also tell you when they’ve been compromised when there is a breach. It’s not only for Google programs but also for your other activities on the Internet.

Google is also working on always-on protection for Chrome. Password Checkup may soon be available in Chrome so real-time protection can be enjoyed by everyone. It may not need an extension because it will be built-in already.

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