Secretlab’s latest gaming chair triples down on ‘all-black everything’

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Hot off of introducing its new Joker chair, Secretlab debuted another new design for its lineup of gaming chairs today. While this one isn’t targeted at Batman fans, it would definitely fit in with the Dark Knights preferred color scheme.

The new Secretlab Black³ edition is an update to Secretlab’s SoftWeave collection, which swaps out the usual leather look and feel for a breathable fabric. As the name suggests, this design is all about the “all-black everything” look, tripling down on different shades of black for a look that’s pretty sleek. It joins the “Cookies & Cream” and “Charcoal Blue” designs that have been available as part of Secretlabs SoftWeave selection for a while now.

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“With the Secretlab SoftWeave Black³, we’ve created a piece that will blend in seamlessly with any setup, be it a minimalist home office or an RGB-infused battle station,” Secretlab co-founder and CEO Ian Ang said in a press release. “It exudes a timeless appeal, a reflection of the stylish and performance-oriented ethos of modern gamers.”

In contrast to some of the louder designs based on esports teams and games, the Black³ design looks downright stealthy. The etching, logos, and details are all presented in a staid black, while the majority of the chair’s fabric is made up of a tri-color weave that uses three shades of black.

Secretlab is known for making some of the best gaming chairs you can get your hands on. In our review of the 2020 Series, we noted that the durability and comfort of the chairs pushed them to near-perfection.

Secretlab’s new Black³ SoftWeave is available to order now across its Omega, Titan, and Titan XL sizes starting at $380.

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