Scuf reveals new Xbox Series X|S Scuf Instinct and Instinct Pro controller

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Scuf announced a couple of new Xbox controllers for players to check out on Thursday. The Designed for Xbox Scuf Instinct and Scuf Instinct Pro are high-end models, meant to fit in with the best Xbox Series X|S controllers available right now. Both controllers are designed specifically for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S players, sharing a common suite of features.

The Scuf Instinct and Scuf Instinct Pro both have four back paddles, and three different profiles for storing various button remapping layouts. You can also customize the thumbsticks and D-pads. Both controllers are wireless, though they include a 2-meter USB-C charging cable that can be used to play wired. The Scuf Instinct further features ‘Instant Triggers’ that Scuf says are designed to replicate the feeling of clicking a mouse, enabling players to forgo the full trigger pull if they feel so inclined. The Scuf Instinct Pro also features an improved grip designed for longer playing sessions.

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“Xbox fans are at the core of SCUF’s history, and we’re proud to have created a controller that both pays homage to that legacy and equips gamers for exciting new games on the newest console generation,” says Duncan Ironmonger, SCUF Gaming Founder.

While they’ve been designed for the Xbox Series X|S, these controllers are also compatible with Xbox One and PC, like other Xbox Series X|S controllers. The Scuf Instinct and Scuf Instinct Pro are available right now for $169 and $199 respectively.

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