Scary stuff Team Windows Central is into this Halloween season

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When John Carpenter’s The Thing opened in theaters in 1982, it was an utter bomb critically and commercially. Since then, the movie has attained a cult following and garnered more of the reputation that I feel it deserves: as one of the finest horror films ever made. The practical effects still hold in 2019 and the gore is horrific, yet that’s not what makes the film scary. Rather, it’s the slow-burning tension, a consistent, gnawing sense of doubt as intelligent people make intelligent decisions while trapped in an extreme environment…but sometimes, that’s not enough. After all, how can you fight something if you don’t even know who the threat is?

At an Antarctic research base, MacReady (Kurt Russell), Childs (Keith David) and several other American staff come into conflict with some Norwegians intent on killing a dog. When the American crew investigates the Norwegian base, they find evidence of something that has been buried in the ice. Something that has woken up. Something that means they can’t trust anyone.

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