Save up to 20% on NZXT’s AIO coolers to make your CPU feel more comfortable

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Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or are planning to upgrade your existing desktop, there’s always the need for better processor cooling. If you’re upgrading to a more capable CPU or wish to dabble into a little overclocking, an all-in-one (AIO) water-cooling solution is a sure way to keep those temperature readings under control.

NZXT has a family of M, X, and Z AIO coolers that are on sale right now at Newegg for Black Friday.

The M series is better suited for budget-conscious or small form factor PC builds where space is invaluable, but you still get the LED RGB lighting effects on the CPU water block. The X series ups things with larger radiators. The Z series is almost identical to the X aside from the inclusion of an LCD display on the water block and fan control.

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All AIOs require a SATA cable for power and can be connected to your motherboard for CAM software control. The Z series is a little more advanced than the other series in that it allows for the manipulation of connected fans through CAM. M and X AIOs can only have their fans controlled via a fan header on your motherboard.

The discounts aren’t steep, but these are premium AIO coolers that offer high levels of cooling performance. You can easily pair these up with Intel Core i9 or AMD Ryzen 9 processors and not encounter any thermal throttling. We’d recommend them at full price, so any form of savings is a bonus.

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