Save up to $1,000 on Samsung The Frame with this new limited-time deal

Ironically, The Frame has become the most iconic TV from the lifestyle lineup, even though Samsung designed it to blend in with its environment and not be easily recognizable. The Frame seems to be the most beloved lifestyle model and even got a limited Disney100 edition, which is no longer available at the moment of writing.

The standard Frame is, however, and more than that, it’s now selling at a discount. Samsung has launched a new promotional offer for The Frame and offers price cut for this TV in all sizes, from 32 to 85 inches. Here’s what you can save if you buy a Frame TV right now:

  • Save $50 on the 32-inch The Frame and buy it for $549.
  • Save $200 on the 43-inch The Frame and buy it for $799.
  • Save $400 on the 50-inch The Frame and buy it for $899.
  • Save $500 on the 55-inch The Frame and buy it for $999.
  • Save $400 on the 65-inch The Frame and buy it for $1,599.
  • Save $1,000 on the 75-inch The Frame and buy it for $1,999.
  • Save $1,000 on the 85-inch The Frame and buy it for $3,299.

No matter which Frame variant you pick, you get the same great features, including an anti-reflective matte display with a 4K resolution and 100% DCI-P3 color volume, a customizable bezel that helps the Frame imitate a painting, and access to the Art Store, which lets you acquire thousands of digital representations of renowned paintings and photos from museums around the world.

In select markets, The Frame also lets you use other fantastic Samsung services that enhance the user experience, such as the free ad-based Samsung TV Plus platform and the Gaming Hub app. The latter lets you play quality video games by streaming them from the cloud. No gaming PC or console is required — only a controller and a subscription to your favorite cloud gaming provider.

Hit the Buy button below if you want to buy The Frame at a discount and save up to $1,000 while the offer lasts.

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