Save 39% on this 10000mAh power bank from Anker ahead of Black Friday

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In need of a new power bank to keep your phone, tablet, or laptop juiced up when out and about? Anker has its 10000mAh PowerCore portable charger on sale for 39% off right now for Black Friday at Amazon UK, bringing you a saving of £9 and its total price down to just £14. 10000mAh should give you enough juice to charge your phone a couple times over, or keep your laptop topped up throughout the day.

The power bank itself is tiny, being not much taller than a credit card, while being only 2.4-inches wide and 0.9-inches thick. The PowerCore is just 180g, making it a great choice for carrying with you in your bag or even in your pocket. It’s handy having a portable powerbank with you when out and about, as we all know that finding yourself on low battery when aware from the wall is already anxiety enducing. Grab the Anker PowerCore today while supplies last.

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