Save $35 on the awesome Philips SHP9500 headphones this Black Friday

Headphones allow you to listen to your music no matter where you are, giving you plenty of flexibility in regards to how and when you can rock out to your tunes. Philips’ awesome SHP9500 headphones are one of the best ones out there right now, and luckily, they’re on sale for a big $35 discount this Black Friday. Make sure to take advantage of this deal while it lasts!

Become one with the tunes

Philips SHP9500

Immerse yourself in the music

The Philips SHP9500 is a fantastic pair of headphones with killer speakers, comfy cushions, and on this Black Friday, an amazing price.

$35 off for Black Friday

The Philips SHP9500 is one of the best pairs of headphones you can get right now, as it’s got an awesome set of 50mm speakers that sound absolutely incredible. On top of that, it’s got thick, airy earcups that provide tons of comfort. This makes long listening sessions enjoyable instead of uncomfortable, and they also do a great job of blocking out external noises. The headphones have a double-layered headband, too, ensuring that you can stretch and adjust the device without any need to worry about damage. Lastly, the cable used with the headphones is a long 1.5 meters, giving you plenty of slack that benefits indoor usage in particular.

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